Pixton Woodlands provide a comprehensive delivery & planting service, we can also offer a preliminary site visit if necessary. Costs for delivery and planting will vary depending on distance from the nursery itself, and the number of man hours taken to complete the job. We endeavour to keep costs to a minimum for each customer and provide delivery quotes based on typical circumstances. On rare occasions, where we encounter unforeseen circumstances beneath the ground (gas pipes, concrete, electricity cables etc.) we will charge for any additional labour time once the installation is complete. For this reason, and to keep such instances to a minimum, we ask our clients to be as diligent as possible when scoping out their planting site.



Pixton will take responsibility for unsuccessful transplants if the delivery & planting service has been provided, and after care guidelines have been followed correctly. We provide customers with a guide detailing care instructions for newly transplanted trees in the vital first season after planting. This guide will also provide advice on potential problems, such as animal damage. As long as these guidelines are followed correctly, and it is purely a failure of the tree itself, then a replacement will be offered. However, if guidelines are not followed, or damage beyond Pixton’s control occurs, we will not accept and liability for said trees. If customers collect trees themselves, or choose only the delivery service, Pixton will not accept liability for ill transplants once they have left our care.


All of our trees are priced according to girth (the circumference of the stem at 1m from the earth level), height and canopy width do vary between species, an approximate guide is given below. All of our multi-stemmed trees are measured in height from the ground and if trees are potted, the height stated reflects the true height of the tree and does not include the height of the pot.
Payments for trees will be taken upon order and to avoid unnecessary disturbance of stock we dig trees once full payment has been received, we accept payment via bank transfer, cheque or cash. All prices are ex VAT, delivery and planting (if required).

Girth (cm)Height (m)Canopy width (cm)Field grown price (£)Potted price (£)
10-12cm2.5m-3m40cm£110 - £150£125 - £175
12-14cm3m-3.5m50cm£130 - £175£145 - £210
14-16cm3.5m-4m75cm£165 - £225£190 - £265
16-18cm4m100cm£225 - £305£265 - £370
18-20cm4.m-4.5m125cm£275 - £375£320 - £450
20-25cm4.5m-5m150cm£325 - £455£375 - £525
25-30cm5m-5.5m175cm£445 - £625£525 - £735
30-35cm5.5m-6m200cm£665 - £931£790 - £1100
35-40cm6m-6.5m250cm£860 - £1205£1030 - £1490
40-45cm6.5m-7m350cm£1080 - £1510£1300 - £1820
45-50cm7m-7.5m400cm£1360 - £1900£1635 - £2285
50-60cm8-8.5m450cm£1695 - £2370N/A
60-70cm8.5-9m500cm£2000 - £2800N/A
70-80cm9-9.5m550cm£2500 - £3500N/A
80-90cm9.5-11m600cm£3200 - £4480N/A
90-100cm10-12m650cm£4000 - £5200N/A